The Department of Social Services, Division of Child Care Services (CCS) provides a convenient website to allow parents to search for registered and licensed child care providers across South Dakota.  This website also allows child care providers to communicate information about their program including web address, email address, days/hours of operation and child care openings.  

You can find the Child Care Search at the following web address: (select the ‘Search for Child Care’ option at the right of the screen).  

If you are interested in updating information about your child care program, you may do so using the Provider Portal, which is on the main page of the Child Care Search website.   Entry to the Provider Portal requires a Provider Number (your License or Registration number) and a Pin Number assigned by Child Care Services; if you participate in the Child Care Subsidy Program and request payment online, you will use the same pin number (you use now to request payment online) to access the Provider Portal.

We encourage you to return to the Provider Portal often in order to keep your information up-to-date.  If you need a pin number assigned to you, or have any questions, please contact Child Care Services at 1-800-227-3020.

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