Promoting the health, safety & development of youth, enabling successful transition from dependence to independence, through training & technical assistance to the people in the lives of youth.
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The Right Turn, Inc.
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Pierre SD 57501

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toll free: (866) 206-8206
Introduction to Child Care Orientation Series - FREE
Pierre: Saturday, January 14, 9am-4pm
Pierre: Saturday, February 25, 9am-4pm
Chamberlain: Saturday, February 25, 9am-4pm
Winner: Saturday, April 8, 9am-4pm
Rosebud: Saturday, June 3, 9am-4pm
Presho: Saturday, June 17, 9am-4pm

American Academy of Pediatrics First Aid - FREE
Thursday, January 12, 6pm-7:30pm, Pierre
Thursday, March 2, 6pm-7:30pm, Pierre
Thursday, May 4, 6pm-7:30pm, Pierre

CPR – New Certification
$30 for registered child care providers, $40 for general public
Thursday, January 26, 6pm-10pm, Pierre
Thursday, March 23, 6pm-10pm, Pierre
Thursday, May 11, 6pm-10pm, Pierre

CPR Refresher Course
$30 for registered child care providers, $40 for general public
Thursday, February 16, 6pm-8pm, Pierre
Thursday, April 20, 6pm-8pm, Pierre
Thursday, June 15, 6pm-8pm, Pierre



Understanding Me
Saturday, February 4 & Saturday, February 11
Children grow and develop quickly and understanding how to meet their needs can be challenging. Learn about child development and child care and find ways to make the best possible environment to support your child's development. For parents and caregivers of babies and toddlers.



Monday, January 23

Teachable Moments
Monday, January 30

Challenging Behaviors I & II
Thursday, February 2 & Thursday, February 9

Music Moves Me!
Monday, March 6

Partnerships with Parents
Monday, April 10

FitCare I & II
Saturday, April 22 & Saturday, April 29

Emergency Plan Workgroup & Provider Appreciation Brunch
Saturday, May 6

Next Picasso
Monday, May 22



The nationally recognized Child Development Associate (CDA) program is $725 and includes tuition for all courses in the series, textbooks, handouts, individual mentorship to help with the CDA professional resource portfolio, and CDA exam preparation. Pre-registration is required and payment plans are available. CDA classes are also open to providers who are not enrolled in the full CDA program; each 4-week unit is $20 for non-CDA students.

Steps to Advance Children's Physical & Intellectual Development
Tuesdays, 6pm-8:30pm
January 10 - 31, Pierre

Class 1: Literacy Development                                                                            Participants will focus on the domains of early literacy learning and explore research based methods for promoting language within a literacy-rich environment.

Class 2: Creativity & the Whole Child 
What comes to mind when you hear "creativity?" Does it include making something or doing something? Join us in defining creativity and learn how you can support and encourage these skills in children.

Class 3: Activities to Encourage Physical Development
Explore ways to support children’s physical development and learn about healthy environments and activities to support them as they grow.

Class 4: The Value of Play
Discover strategies and activities that encourages effective physical play.

Positive Ways to Support Children's Social & Emotional Growth
Tuesdays, 6pm-8:30pm
February 7 – March 7, Pierre

Class 1: Defining Self
Participants will look at typical social emotional development and learn how to support healthy self-esteem in young children.

Class 2: Roots of Socialization
This class will focus on how adults can assist children in developing good social skills.

Class 3: Understanding Children's Behavior 
Participants will develop a better understanding of children's behaviors and gain skills to use positive guidance to shape their development.

Class 4: Providing Positive Guidance  
Gain an understanding of positive guidance techniques for young children, steps to conflict resolution, and ideas for redirection.

Provider/Parents Relationships
Tuesdays, 6pm-8:30pm
March 14 – April 4, Pierre

Class 1: Understanding Parents/Provider Perspective 
Gain understanding and appreciation of the factors that influence the relationship between parents and caregivers.

Class 2: Ways to Communicate with Families
Explore communication barriers and plan strategies for open communication between caregivers and parents.

Class 3: Family Involvement  
Enhance understanding of the importance of parent involvement in an early childhood program. Students will explore inclusive strategies that encourage parents to contribute their time, talents, and knowledge in an effort to build closer ties between the early childhood program and the children’s homes.

Class 4: Working with Challenging Issues
Participants will explore challenging issues that arise when working with families in a child care setting and develop strategies to effectively work as a team on these issues.

Effective Program Operations
Tuesdays, 6pm-8:30pm
April 11 – May 2, Pierre

Class 1: What is DAP?
We will explore NAEYC's concept of Developmentally Appropriate Practice, the early childhood educator's role in DAP and how that knowledge can enhance the age-appropriate environments and activity planning.

Class 2: Respectful Care
Participants will explore the concepts of inclusion and cultural responsiveness in early childhood programs and learn ways to meet the individual needs of young children and their families.

Class 3: Schedules, Routines, & Transitions
Get the tools you need to plan an effective schedule. Learn a variety of strategies to balance activities, snacks, and socializing to best meet children’s needs.

Class 4: Regulations, Policies, & Record Keeping 
Participants will explore child care regulations, policies and tips for record keeping. The class includes a brief overview of SD's regulations and licensing standards and a quick overview of creating a lesson plan.

Tuesdays, 6pm-8:30pm
May 9 – May 30, Pierre

Class 1: Defining Professionalism
Participants will become familiar with their ethical responsibilities and learn how to use the Code of Ethics in their work. Through activities participants will make connections between the NAEYC Code and their everyday experiences and dilemmas.

Class 2: Applying Professional Ethics with Children & Families
This class will raise the awareness that ethics is an essential part of the child care profession; develop a deeper understanding of ethical dimensions in child care; learn about the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct & develop skills to identify and analyze ethical dilemmas.

Class 3: Getting Along in the Workplace
Examine the characteristics of a respectful workplace and discuss the director's role in establishing and maintaining a workplace that fosters respect for one another.

Class 4: Ethical Responsibilities to Community & Society                                 
Discuss early childhood education professional associations and learn about advocacy strategies to help you become a champion for children.

Call 605-773-4755 or email to register!
Registration and payment due
48 hours before each class.